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The States of Mind (SOM) Model that provides the foundation for the measures used here is based on over 30 years of scientific research relating the balance of positive and negative thoughts and feelings to psychological well-being. This site is intended to be used “as is” for personal use only to help you learn more about yourself and to provide a way of tracking your mood, self-image and optimism. If you are working with a coach or professional counselor, you may choose to share the results with them. Commercial use of the site is prohibited.

Although it has been shown that simply monitoring behavior can sometimes result in positive changes, we do not provide any guarantees or warranties, implied or otherwise, that you will experience this. Positive changes will depend on the consistency of use and the extent to which you utilize the feedback to implement strategies of self-improvement.

Note that the measures used here are not standardized psychological tests and therefore the scores derived should be viewed only as indicators of levels of functioning, not as full psychological assessments. The website is not to be viewed as a substitute for professional or medical advice. If your scores indicate the possibility of extreme emotional distress, we advise you to contact the emergency room of your local hospital, call 911, or contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-784-2433.

Your personal identity other than your email address will not be associated with any of the inventories that you take, so anonymity is assured. Completing any or all of these inventories indicates your agreement to allow the scores to potentially be used anonymously for scientific research purposes. For example, the scores will be averaged to provide norms that will help people understand how their scores compare with others.

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 Terms and Conditions