Our Approach The Challenge

A rapidly changing society challenges us from early childhood through adulthood.

As progression through the life cycle becomes more demanding, multiple coping strategies are needed to maintain the harmonious balance that produces optimal functioning and well-being.

When the stress of life becomes overwhelming, professional services may be needed to restore this vital balance.

The Solution

The complexity of today’s problems means that an individual professional cannot be an expert in all areas or psychological practice. Scientific advances in understanding human problems, together with the development of more focused treatments for specific disorders, increasingly require a specialist approach.

Cognitive Dynamic Therapy Associates brings together experienced psychotherapists who are broadly trained in clinical psychology and are experts in the treatment of specificpsychological and behavioral disorders.

As a multi-specialty group, we can offer state-of-the-art treatment that ensures individual problems will be personally treated by an expert. If more than one family member needs help, we will design a comprehensive treatment approach that maintains consistency and quality of care.