Ginger Martin, Psy.D.

Dr. Martin is a Clinical child psychologist, licensed in Pennsylvania who specializes in the assessment and treatment of young children (preschool to middle-school age). Common presenting problems include behavioral concerns at home or school, anxiety, anger, social concerns, and adjustment issues. She has training in cognitive-behavioral therapy and utilizes play, art, books, and other creative modalities in her work. Focus for individual sessions with children is on developing appropriate coping skills, social skills, and self-regulation. Dr. Martin also works very closely with parents in treatment, providing techniques to strengthen the parent-child bond, ways to manage behaviors, and suggestions for school as well. She has received extensive training in child development and often utilizes Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, a type of parent-child work where parents receive extensive coaching on ways to manage behaviors and improve the parent-child relationship. She also provides assessment for young children with developmental concerns, questions of autism spectrum disorders, or other common psychological concerns such as anxiety or ADHD. Assessments are conducted in three sessions such that Dr. Martin gains a thorough understanding of the presenting concerns, the child him/herself, and has ample time to discuss the findings with the parents.

Dr. Martin’s training began at Allegheny College in Meadville, PA. Her passion for helping others led to her attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s doctoral program in clinical psychology where she earned her Psy.D. in clinical child psychology. She had extensive training working with children in schools, at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh’s Child Development Unit, at private clinics, a community mental health center, and Head Start. She specialized in working with children and families and enjoyed both therapy and assessment. Dr. Martin sought specialization in work with younger children and enjoyed learning about child development, autism and other developmental disabilities, and disruptive behavior in both assessment and treatment of preschool-aged children. Her research focused on the effects of premature birth on a child’s preschool-aged temperament and parent-stress. Dr. Martin enjoyed her internship in Sarasota, Florida working with children, adolescents, and adults. Her post-doctoral training was at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC. During this time, she specialized in early childhood development and performed developmental assessments with children ages 4 months to 4 years. Her research focused on the effects of screen time on young children.

Dr. Martin has been working with Cognitive Dynamic Therapy Associates in both the Wexford and Oakland locations since 2009. She has also worked at WPIC’s John Merck Clinic conducting autism spectrum disorder evaluations, research, and treatment. She currently lives on the east side of Pittsburgh with her husband and son and enjoys spending time with her family. Dr. Martin finds that working with children at a young age can prevent further behavioral problems and that empowering parents is most beneficial to the child. Her emphasis on child development and the parent-child relationship provides a unique perspective so that families are quite involved in therapy. Dr. Martin truly enjoys her work and finds that the most powerful reward is seeing a parent’s face light up when they see improvements in their child’s behavior and find that their relationship with their child has been enhanced.